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Cassiopeia Information Technologies
Software and Service with you in mind.


Cassiopeia Information Technologies, LLC is a software engineering company with development experience on IBM mainframe, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple Macintosh and iPhone. Cassiopeia is still actively engaged and available on all of these platforms. Want somebody who can speak both multi-platform computer geek and plain english? We are also experts at personal training.

Cassiopeia was an early developer for the iPhone platform. Classic apps like exTreme Paddle, Flash Boom, Favorite Verses from The Bible, The Book of Mormon, and The Qur’an (Koran) are also available.

Cassiopeia Information Technologies was in charge of the original development and marketing of the AbbrevIt!™ product.

Cassiopeia Information Technologies worked with DLBS Partners for AbbrevIt! product development, with Utopia Hypnosis for business consulting, with TechSys Software Services for business services.

Cassiopeia Information Technologies has been involved with the development of Second Opinion web services and International Medical Consulting with Dr. Miroslav Kovacevic.

Cassiopeia Information Technologies owes its beginnings to an inventory management system designed for Apple ][ computers.

Without hesitation, all companies and persons mentioned are highly recommended.